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My works are the embodiment of my desire to convey pure emotion, peace, and personal delight in our world. 

After having painted in traditional styles for years, seeking a retreat from image overload from viewing thousands of cliché artworks I developed my own unique style of painting.  Naming it “Nominal Conceptualism”, I found it to be a clear departure from all known schools of painting.  My current work is focused on portraying the intangible: feelings, concepts, and universals that have no independent existence.  In that light, I developed several hundred collaborative works birthed from spontaneous interaction with computers; which I am translating to the tangible on canvas, using traditional mediums and brushwork.

Color, light, form, scale, and texture are abundant and diverse in our surroundings.  I’m particularly enchanted by the subtleties and power of light and movement, and venture to instill this in my pieces.  

Those who inspired me to adventure into the unexplored, and take risks include Frankenthaler, Mondrian, Van Doesburg, Rothko, Calder, Van Gogh and Gaugin.  I also admit a fondness for the Masters - especially the Impressionists - but am strongly focusing my energies on the production of fresh, timeless work suitable for future spaces.

Each piece is an outpouring of self that consumes part of me, yet when created gives something greater back to fill the void.  Within this process, I become lost in the nuances of each work, its intrinsic individuality, and uniqueness.

I’ve been known as an Artist from the age of two, earning the reputation through exploration in many forms of creative expression.  I’ve done Landscapes and Florals in Oils and Acrylics, whimsical Mobiles, Drawings, Fiber Arts, Sewing, and many Handcrafts, such as Eggery.  I also love to do my own Photography and photo manipulation. 

In the 70’s I worked as a Textile Silkscreen Artist; did duty as Art teacher in the 80’s; partnered with an Arts Council in the 90’s; and worked as an Artist, Graphic Artist and website manager since then. I’ve been involved with many community endeavors, giving my time and talents as I could, showing, sharing and creating, to further the Arts whenever possible.  I submitted to the strong desire to navigate the path as a Creative on my own, following my personal North Star and have been sequestered in my studios building a body of work for posterity.

I’m intent on actively exploring the seemingly limitless boundaries to visual interpretation. I spent time under the watchful eye of internationally recognized British Oil painter Cyril Gardener, founding father of the Media School of Art; and I’ve taken many self-guided classes since acquiring my Associates in Arts. So you see, I am really an emerging, Indie artist. I’m also a Writer and Inventor - it’s like raising triplets within me who are quite different; yet speak the same intimate language and spend all of their time with one another.

When not actively involved in a creative venture, I’m fond of traveling to observe Art in its many forms.  To refresh vision and attitude I spend time with Family and Friends. Uplifting the individual and humanity with work that is calming, whimsical, or gently thought provoking is my soul’s intent.  I’m touched by and appreciative of those who allow my work to come through their eyes to speak to their heart and mind.  Thank you for visiting!

                                    Mina Koury Martin - Norfolk Lane Studios

Mina Koury Martin

Norfolk Lane Studios

Norfolk Lane

Lebanon, PA 17042-7538

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Mina Koury Martin - Norfolk Lane Studios

About   Mina Koury "Min" Martin

Mina Koury Martin is currently seeking Gallery representation and one woman Retrospective exhibits. Please feel free to contact her.